What to do with All Those Garlic Scapes?

After worship last Sunday, one of my church families was telling me how they had been trying to sell bags of garlic scapes that weekend, but couldn't get any takers. "No one knows what they are," one woman said. "I'll take a bag off you!" I replied, thinking maybe there was a small bread bag... Continue Reading →


Eating Strawberries Like a Local (and other adventures)

Ack! There have been so many food adventures in our house this week that if I don't write now, I really don't know how I'll tell you about them all! So, first things first: it's freaking hot outside. And if you live in the Maritimes, you are probably a) trying to cool down, and b)... Continue Reading →

Seven Tips on How to Eat Like a Local

This week, a friend of mine asked me to talk about some tips or tricks I might have on local eating. After some thought, Nicole and I came up with 7 tips (and learnings) that have helped us through this first month of eating locally: 1) Start with what you can manage and work from there: Early on,... Continue Reading →

Eating Like a Local Through Our Pantry

On June 7th I got an email from Waldegrave farm, where my wife Nicole and I bought a half CSA share this year, that read: "Unfortunately, after a more thorough look at our crops this morning, we've found much more damage from the deep frost (freeze) Sunday night than we originally thought...In our nine years... Continue Reading →

Eat Like a Local

8 months ago, my wife Nicole and I bought a 10 acre property of cleared land near Tatamagouche, NS with the hopes of putting down roots (both figuratively and literally) on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. The farm has incredible flower gardens, a fish pond, chicken coop and duck run, two green houses, a... Continue Reading →

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