This is Definitely Not Kosher! (Adventures at The Pork Shop)

So, today's food road trip didn't take me too far from my home--just a quick minute drive on my way home from work took me to a place I have come to know and love in the few short weeks I've been in Denmark, NS, and will really miss when the fall season is over:... Continue Reading →


Paying Like I’m Eating For Two–Grocery Shopping and Cooking For One

So, this post was suggested to me by my partner, Nicole, who has listened to me lament about this topic for a few weeks now. Before Nicole and I started our respective jobs, we lived together in an apartment in Halifax. Now, she's in the Annapolis Valley, and I'm 2 1/2 hours away on the... Continue Reading →

I’m Full of It!

So, this is the first installment of (hopefully!) many more blog posts about all things food (and perhaps just my own culinary food adventures) in and around the Northumberland Shore area of Nova Scotia. I've just recently moved from Halifax to Denmark, Nova Scotia to work as a United Church minister in the Tatamagouche area,... Continue Reading →

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