Well, Penny may be the one who’s ‘full of it’ (erm, or not…) but today, it was her schedule that was full.  So, I decided to be a guest writer on this great blog.

Hiya.  Nicole here.  It was a day of dramatic skies in Malagash & Tatamagouche and bicyling between the two towns, I got the full effect of ’em.  I headed out in a lovely summer rain, hoping the Dino Wagon would be open on this holiday Monday.  That esteemed eatery will have to wait for another posting ’cause they took the holiday seriously.  So, I kept pedaling and after a brief stop to see the wooden boats built in a day (!!!) at the Creamery, I felt a gnaw in my stomach.

openUp & over the hill, I came to The Ice Cream Shack.  A sandwichboard on the gravel held up the ubiquitous OPEN flag.  (They really are popular here.  For this kinda weird observation, thank you, Penny.)

shackTrue to its name, the Shack is small.  Like, with a sturdy truck and a strong chain, I bet you could steal the whole building in the night.  Through the order window I could see space enough for a couple of freezers, which meant a good selection of Scotsburn ice creams – mixed with pop or fancied up into sundaes if desired.  The folks in front of me kept ordering cups of maple pecan, then feeding them into their minivan and when they had the final two in hand, they too disappeared into the van… where they sat with the engine running and the windows closed while they ate.  I sat on a purple picnic table with my Rodeo Round-up.

Was it the name?  I mean, ’roundup’ has another meaning in agri-activist circles….  Anyway, I almost savoured my ice cream, but having recently heard that most commercial ice cream contains antifreeze, I guess my tastebuds were super-sensitive to the tastes that weren’t chocolate, pecans, and cream.  Hey, I grew up with all the summer delights of hot dogs, freezies, and orange Crush, but every now and then, I wonder where I can find some more wholesome alternatives.  To that end, we’ll be making a stop at the Green Grass Running Water cafe in Tata for ice cream without a lick of antifreeze in it.  We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, here’s a celebration of ‘fake’ I really can behind.  Bolted to the side of the Ice Cream Shack is the finest chainsaw carving of an ice cream cone I have ever seen.  Sweet!

big cones

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