{recipe} Upside-down Maple Apple Tart

(Ok, after blogging earlier this afternoon about apples, this looked too good not to share! What are your favourite apple recipes?)

from scratch club

Growing up in Brazil, I gleaned with my family for food post harvest, scouring the countryside for fruits and vegetable that might otherwise go to waste. As a cook and an artist, I find the act of gleaning carries into my work: I don’t want to waste anything. So this season it has been the story of apples. They have been so abundant this year and so I have made sauce for festivals, fruit lather, canned, juiced and dried them. I made hand pies and apple pies. For my husband’s birthday he requested, a “Tarte Tatin” and here a simple delicious version of this apple upside down tart that uses all those “not so perfect”, but full of flavor apples you may find rolling down the streets.

photo2 gleaned apples

One of my favorite quotes from Agnès Varda documentary “The Gleaners and I”:

“I like the idea that one hand would be always…

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3 Responses to {recipe} Upside-down Maple Apple Tart

  1. Shea says:

    I’m currently enthralled with slow-cooker apple butter and putting it into everything – my oatmeal, as a spread in sandwiches (try it with grilled chicken breast and some arugula and brie, noms), and can’t wait to try the apple butter cinnamon bun recipe I just found… http://www.daringgourmet.com/2013/09/30/apple-butter-cinnamon-rolls/

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