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Sun Tea from Oliver Farms

This week’s food inspiration comes to you directly from the sun! How could anyone not love Sun Tea? It’s honest to God the easiest way to make iced tea during the spring/summer months, and when you have the option of using … Continue reading

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The Economic Impact of Nova Scotia Farmers’ Markets

Nova Scotia Farmer’s Markets have an amazingly positive impact on our local communities! Check out the report released last Thursday by the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia to find out more!

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

So, today is a blog about two lovely green things you can find just about anywhere in Nova Scotia–red raspberry leaves, and dandelions. I was turned onto red raspberry leaf tea years ago in my undergrad as a great way to … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never: the 2014 Slow Food Nova Scotia Spring Supper

So, I had meant to blog about this two weeks ago, but I realized I had lost some of my notes, and one thing led to another, so…better late than never, it’s my review of the 2014 Slow Food Nova … Continue reading

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Lovely Lavender Cupcakes

Welcome back readers! It’s Springtime in Nova Scotia! (Which also means my cooking is becoming significantly more interesting with fresh veggies, and it’s easier for me to get out and around to do some food tourism for this blog!) So, … Continue reading

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