Whirligigs Cafe



On the main drag of Wallce, NS, looking out on the bay you’ll find this amazing spot called Whirligigs Cafe. People had been telling me about Whirligigs’ brunch all last summer, but I never got a chance to go. So this past week, Nicole and I got up super early (to get my tires changed–by June 3rd, there should be no more snow!) and got in the car to drive to Wallace.

Normally, Wallace isn’t longer than a half hour drive from my place, but with all the road construction, it took us closer to 45 minutes from start to finish. And seeing as how we hadn’t had anything to eat when we left the house, I was famished.

But Whirligigs didn’t let me down! We got there right after they opened, which helped, and seeing as how it was a Monday morning, there wasn’t anyone else in the place besides us and the staff. We settled on the “Whirligigs” (2 poached eggs on homemade fishcakes, topped with hollandaise sauce and homemade biscuits) and raspberry pancakes with bacon, and some coffee and tea, and took a seat by the window overlooking the harbour.

While waiting for our food, we poked around the place a bit–Whirligigs is honestly one of 20140603_083307the prettiest places I’ve eaten on the North Shore. The cafe is so brightly lit during the day with all the windows, and there are all these whimsical paper lanterns hanging throughout the room. Each table has either a brightly coloured table cloth or had a brightly coloured tile top that added to the mix of colours. And to top it all off, there was the great mix of classic jazz, folk, and blues playing in the background that set the mood for a welcoming, relaxing, and laid back atmosphere.

Our food arrived super quickly (which I was grateful for). My pancakes were so hot and fluffy, and packed with raspberries, which is the way I like ’em! Dusted with icing sugar a20140603_083957nd covered in maple syrup, I thought I was in heaven the whole time. I think my favourite part of my breakfast though was the bacon. I kept hoping that it was Pork Shop bacon from Denmark, NS because I just would’ve been fiercely proud of the North Shore supporting each other, but alas, the bacon that sent me over the moon that morning comes from none other than Costco. The staff said people ask them all the time where their bacon comes from, so I didn’t feel so crazy raving to them about the wonders of their breakfast meats, but I did feel a little funny raving about bacon from Costco. Who knew?…

Nicole’s breakfast on the other hand was to die for. She’d ordered the Whirligigs, (the poached eggs on fishcakes) and oh my heavens, was it amazing! The eggs were perfect, the fish cakes (being from Alberta, it was hard to convince me that fishcakes for breakfast was20140603_083944 a good idea, but I have now been converted, I swear!) were amazing (just the right consistency and flavour) and the biscuits with the homemade preserves were fantastic. And the hollandaise sauce! Sigh. It was a good choice, on Nicole’s part. Thankfully, she let me try a bite.

All in all, I’d say I’d go back there again, perhaps once all the road construction is finished (which hopefully should be by the end of next week, if we’re lucky, at least on the Tatamagouche end of Highway 6!). I’d also encourage any of you who are looking for a place with ambience on the North Shore to check out Whirligigs for breakfast, lunch, or cofee! They say the weekends are their busiest, Sundays after church for brunch is hard to find a spot to sit. But if you’re lucky, you just might get a chance to talk to some interesting people, including the staff, and share a good meal with some new friends!

Whirligigs is open now (during the summer)  Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-2pm.


Happy eating!

(thanks to Nicole Uzans for taking pictures of the food we so heartily and happily devoured Monday morning…)

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  1. Candice says:

    I want to go here when we get there please!

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