An Edible Flower Garden

Tulips, roses, marigold, nasturtiums…I’ve been dreaming lately of the new garden plot Nicole has been creating in our backyard (she’s been creating a lazagna garden, rather than try to dig up all that crazy grass and goldenrod). It’s just a small plot so far, and we’ve already planted our garlic bulbs for the year, as well as transplanted our potted perennial herbs which makes for even less space to grow all the tomatoes and squash and kale we’d like to grow next year. So that means we’re going to need another space for the edible flower garden I’ve been dreaming of! Whether it will be more potted gardening, or we somehow find the time and means to dig out a garden plot, or perhaps just a few square bails hollowed out with dirt that will act as organic plant “pots” and slowly decompose into earth for a garden I don’t yet know, but I’m looking forward to the adventure!

Hopefully this list of edible flowers will spark your own imagination with dreams of flavour and colour through the upcoming winter months–I know I’m looking forward to the spicy flavour of nasturtiums, the potential for the beautiful colours of day lilies and marigolds along with old standards like chive and squash blossoms. Happy dreaming, and happy garndeing!

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