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Margarine vs. Shortening–the debate continues

Margarine vs shortening, butter vs. shortening,¬†butter vs.¬†margarine…the debate continues. What do you use when? This was the question I asked myself tonight as I began to whip up a batch of my famous Brown Eyed Susan cookies. The recipe called … Continue reading

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You had me at Charcuterie…

Heaven. That’s what eating Chef/Sommelier Claude Aucoin’s Prosciutto was like. Let me back up–on December 6th, Nicole celebrated her birthday/first anniversary of her ordination to the priesthood, and so we decided to do something special. We’d heard that Sugar Moon … Continue reading

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Lazy Citrus Salt

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a series of small bowls living at the end of my counter. They each contain a different citrus salt: grapefruit, blood orange, Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime. The levels of each go up and…

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Estonian Cranberry and Apple Soup

Welcome back, food lovers! After taking a few weeks hiatus (I was exhausted after a week of three funerals in a row, and was just really lazy in getting around to posting this), I’m finally reviewing the Estonian Cranberry and … Continue reading

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