50% Local Food Club–Meeting Nova Scotia Producers Halfway

This September, Nova Scotians are challenged to step up to the plate! The 50% Local Food Club  is province-wide, month-long initiative designed to increase purchasing and consumption of local food in Nova Scotia, from Nova Scotia.

The program ran last year and more than 3,000 Nova Scotians took up the challenge to source 50% of their food locally for the month of September–a great start to encouraging people to eat local, buy local, grow their own food, and think in season when cooking and eating all year round! If you’re interested in being a part of the 50% Local Food Club, check them out at their website, or facebook page to find out more!

By registering, you get access to local food retailers and restaurants, nearby activities and events,  new recipes to try, a sample one-week meal plan, and opportunities to connect with other members of the 50% Local Food Club in your area! Nicole and I just signed up, and I’m excited to see what the month will bring. Hopefully, you’ll hear about it on the blog in the month to come!

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