Chokecherry Liqueuer, Year 2: Week 2 Update

For the first post on this year’s chokecherry liqueurs, head to:

So, after 2 weeks of turning or shaking these litre jars (almost) every day, I figured it was time to taste-test the liqueur. My opinion:

Unfortunately, at this point, both Nicole and I agreed the chokecherry liqueur pretty much looked and tasted like cough syrup (not what we were going for). It just wasn’t interesting at all. The batch that had the cinnamon stick in it tasted slightly “thicker” almost (like there was a bit more flavour to it, but still, not much).

We mulled over what to do, and decided that I should add a cinnamon stick to the one that was just straight berries, vodka, and sugar. Nicole wondered if maybe adding blueberries to the mixture might add some more texture to the flavour? I’m hesitant to try it because I know part of the process is to cook up and mash the berries to get all the juices out of them. But I say that if the liqueurs still taste like cough syrup after the mashing and straining step, I’m going to try adding blueberries to the intinctions, and see what happens. I sort of feel like that was just way too much money spent on vodka to waste on something I’m never going to want to drink…


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  1. So just a couple of comments . if you remember the original advice I gave you on chokecherry vodka liquour last year, is that adding just a bit of port makes a lot of difference. This is really a matter of personal taste and it doesn’t take much to mellow the chokecherry tartness. Also I add a bit of diluted honey to mellow it a bit. Try small samples and work your way to the desired flavour before doing the whole batch. also, letting it sit a year or so will help. good luck with that step Penny.

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