Eating like a Local when it’s too damn hot to cook

Hello friends! I've been away for a few weeks at a church conference, followed immediately by a happy, busy house full of company for 2 weeks so I haven't had a chance to write until now. Since I got home from my conference, my household has been a picture of industry--my dad, my brother, and... Continue Reading →


What to do with All Those Garlic Scapes?

After worship last Sunday, one of my church families was telling me how they had been trying to sell bags of garlic scapes that weekend, but couldn't get any takers. "No one knows what they are," one woman said. "I'll take a bag off you!" I replied, thinking maybe there was a small bread bag... Continue Reading →


Yes, that's what it says--spanobeetikas, meaning lovely little pockets of carrots, beets, and spinach in phyllo pastry (otherwise known as a super awesome way to use your root veg in the wintertime). The recipe came about because I've had a serious craving for beets lately, and Nicole and I have a lot of leftover phyllo... Continue Reading →

A Month of Pretzels

So...we go from a month of soups to a month of pretzels, it seems! First, let me explain: Back in the fall, Nicole and I agreed to lead a day-long Lenten preparation retreat at the Tatamagouche Centre on February 9th called Eat-Pray-Lent (if you'd like to come join us, you can register on the website linked... Continue Reading →

Lazy Citrus Salt

This may be my new obsession…

lazy-citrus-saltFor the past few weeks, I’ve had a series of small bowls living at the end of my counter. They each contain a different citrus salt: grapefruit, blood orange, Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime. The levels of each go up and down as I juice a lemon, or eat a grapefruit, and add zest and salt to the pile, or pull out a pinch of the fragrant zest to add to a soup, curry or batch of scones.

It may seem disingenuous to call this process “lazy” when most people simply throw away citrus peels. But honestly: that’s just silly. There are about a million great uses for citrus peel, and as long as you have a good zester, this is one of the easiest. And while a dedicated batch of citrus salt doesn’t exactly break the bank, time & effort-wise, this method works much better with the citrus season rituals…

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Estonian Cranberry and Apple Soup

Welcome back, food lovers! After taking a few weeks hiatus (I was exhausted after a week of three funerals in a row, and was just really lazy in getting around to posting this), I'm finally reviewing the Estonian Cranberry and Apple Soup I promised you from The Food and Cooking of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania cookbook by... Continue Reading →

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