Eating like a Local when it’s too damn hot to cook

Hello friends! I've been away for a few weeks at a church conference, followed immediately by a happy, busy house full of company for 2 weeks so I haven't had a chance to write until now. Since I got home from my conference, my household has been a picture of industry--my dad, my brother, and... Continue Reading →


Eating Like a Local: Is It Worth It? (June Calculations)

When I announced we were doing this challenge, a friend told me she wanted to hear about our budget for this project which I thought was a great idea. Often times I've thought I would eat more local if I could only afford it, and I know many others who have said the same thing.... Continue Reading →

Seven Tips on How to Eat Like a Local

This week, a friend of mine asked me to talk about some tips or tricks I might have on local eating. After some thought, Nicole and I came up with 7 tips (and learnings) that have helped us through this first month of eating locally: 1) Start with what you can manage and work from there: Early on,... Continue Reading →

Eat Like a Local

8 months ago, my wife Nicole and I bought a 10 acre property of cleared land near Tatamagouche, NS with the hopes of putting down roots (both figuratively and literally) on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. The farm has incredible flower gardens, a fish pond, chicken coop and duck run, two green houses, a... Continue Reading →

The Maritime Cookbook, 1939

We learned the art of cooking long ago Down in the land of loveliness beside The sea, where peace and beauty wander hand In hand, and home means hospitality. Our favourite recipes are golden keys To rolling meadows, heartfast with those wisps Of foam-flower witchery that roam the old Atlantic song-and-story days of youth. --Amy... Continue Reading →

Winter Market Salad time!

I realize that this post title is perhaps just a little bit early, but if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and you're like me, you've already started to dig into all those lovely vegetables you'll be eating all winter--carrots, squash, potatoes, brussels sprouts, turnips, and beets. There's not much variation on "fresh" and local vegetables during the... Continue Reading →

I’m Full of It!

So, this is the first installment of (hopefully!) many more blog posts about all things food (and perhaps just my own culinary food adventures) in and around the Northumberland Shore area of Nova Scotia. I've just recently moved from Halifax to Denmark, Nova Scotia to work as a United Church minister in the Tatamagouche area,... Continue Reading →

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