Long Weekend Edition: Eating Junk Food like a Local

So, here comes the confession: I love junk food. Particularly Hawkins Cheezies--you know, the crunchy cornmeal shapes coated in real cheddar? If there is a stressful day at work, a sad time I just can't handle, a success worth celebrating, or just a movie night with Nicole, Cheezies are a part of it. Sadly, Cheezies... Continue Reading →



Well, Penny may be the one who's 'full of it' (erm, or not...) but today, it was her schedule that was full.  So, I decided to be a guest writer on this great blog. Hiya.  Nicole here.  It was a day of dramatic skies in Malagash & Tatamagouche and bicyling between the two towns, I... Continue Reading →

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