Eating Like a Local Lessons 1&2: Patience and Privilege

"Is this worth it?" This is the question I asked myself this Monday as I tried to roll out a dry batch of homemade crackers for the third time in a row. We had run out of all our store-bought crackers earlier last week, and, as far as I know, I've never seen any locally... Continue Reading →


Menu Planning: Eat Like a Local Week One

I am so excited! On June 1st, Nicole and I officially kick off our month of eating locally. And even though it isn't June yet, I wanted to do a quick post to keep you up to date with some of our plans for the first few days. So, first things first: although June may... Continue Reading →

Eat Like a Local

8 months ago, my wife Nicole and I bought a 10 acre property of cleared land near Tatamagouche, NS with the hopes of putting down roots (both figuratively and literally) on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. The farm has incredible flower gardens, a fish pond, chicken coop and duck run, two green houses, a... Continue Reading →

Wild Leeks and the Ethics of Foraging

Last Saturday, I attended a half-day workshop on foraging local food at the Wallace Museum.  It was an amazing workshop mostly because of the people who were there--there were, of course, people from all over the North Shore, but there were people from the Annapolis Valley and the South Shore, people from Cape Breton, and even... Continue Reading →

You had me at Charcuterie…

Heaven. That's what eating Chef/Sommelier Claude Aucoin's Prosciutto was like. Let me back up--on December 6th, Nicole celebrated her birthday/first anniversary of her ordination to the priesthood, and so we decided to do something special. We'd heard that Sugar Moon Farm was hosting one of their amazing chef's nights that night, and so we figured what... Continue Reading →


Well, Penny may be the one who's 'full of it' (erm, or not...) but today, it was her schedule that was full.  So, I decided to be a guest writer on this great blog. Hiya.  Nicole here.  It was a day of dramatic skies in Malagash & Tatamagouche and bicyling between the two towns, I... Continue Reading →

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