Comments on the Canada/EU Free Trade Agreement

This is a really great article that presents some of Nova Scotia’s concerns related to the recent Canadian-EU Fair Trade Agreement.

Adventures in Local Food

For the past four years negotiations have been taking place between Canada and the European Union about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). While full details of the agreement have yet to be disclosed, and will not be fully understood until the final details emerge in 2014 or later, the CETA could have huge impacts on the Canadian environment and food system. CETA is the most expansive free trade agreement (FTA) since the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which was signed over 20 years ago. The negative impacts of the NAFTA on the economy, environment and the agricultural sector are widely cited, which has caused some to raise concerns about the potential threats CETA could pose.

Though experts and activists have sounded alarms, wide-spread outcry amongst the general public has been all but absent. Given the current media climate filled with senate scandals and crack-smoking mayors, CETA…

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